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Your unwanted or end-of-lease IT equipment has recoupable value.

While most equipment manufacturers and distributors tend to focus on the forward motion of their supply chain, there is ample opportunity to harness revenue in the reverse motion with the right Reverse Logistics partner.

Reverse Logistics refers to the process of managing products past the manufacturing stage.

This flow of returned materials from consumer to retailer, retailer to distributor, or distributor to manufacturer, is also known as the reverse supply chain. The materials’ post-return activity can include repair, warranty recovery, redistribution, remarketing, end-of-life recycling, or any combination of these activities.

The ultimate goal of Reverse Logistics is to recover value during the disposal process.

At eWaste ePlanet, we specialize in recouping value to diminish losses on materials that would otherwise be mishandled during disposal. By improving efficiency in your reverse supply chain, we save you time and labor costs. We can also refurbish your equipment for repurposing or remarketing, and provide serialized reporting for audit purposes – all of which can translate into additional revenue for your bottom line.

Reverse Logistics for IT equipment lessors and lessees (lease returns).

eWaste ePlanet offers programs to lessors and lessees to streamline the lease returns process. At eWaste ePlanet, we have all the necessary resources to prepare IT equipment for return to a leasing company.

We can inventory equipment and provide serialized reports prior to return, ensuring that all equipment is evaluated and accounted for. We also provide refurbishing services to repair damaged equipment, eliminating chargebacks from the lessor upon its return.

Our secure and transparent Chain of Custody applies to our Reverse Logistics services. And as always, our industry-leading, DoD and NIST compliant Data Destruction processes ensure that no lessee-owned data remains on the equipment when returned.