Reporting and Certificates

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End-to-end Reporting for every pickup, big or small.

Our downstream reporting system documents everything from pickup to data destruction and recycling.

eWaste ePlanet understands that providing clients with an ultra-secure method for Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) includes transparent communication and Reporting throughout the entire process.

Our Certificate of Recycling and Certificate of Destruction reports allow our clients to offer proof to senior management, inspectors, regulatory officials and others who need to confirm that the proper steps have been taken to dispose of sensitive data and/or hazardous materials.

Fully detailed, Serialized Audit Reports.

All data storage devices and hard drives with serial numbers or bar codes that enter our Chain of Custody are scanned and inventoried. All clients asset tags and identification are removed from each asset. An inventory list is provided to each client, along with a Certificate of Recycling and Destruction, for auditing purposes.