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Saving Our Planet is in Our Name!

eWaste ePlanet is the premier Atlanta-based Electronics Recycling and IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) company.

We recycle unwanted and end-of-life electronic materials in accordance with all government regulated standards.

Founded in May 2013, eWaste ePlanet is a privately owned company working to promote global (planetary) electronics recycling. Staffed by highly trained and professional specialists, we have over 10 years of experience in the fields of technology, logistics, recycling, e-waste drives and event planning.

At eWaste ePlanet, we are committed to using the methods recommended by the Department of Toxic Substance Control, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the California Integrated Waste Management Board.

eWaste ePlanet provides innovative Electronics Recycling, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), and Data Destruction services.

eWaste ePlanet is not just a recycling company. In fact, we also offer a single-source enterprise solution for IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). From on-site decommission and removal of assets to serialized reporting, our process enables you to track the disposition of your used equipment.

By using our services, you will maximize return on your unwanted assets and contribute to the protection of the environment through sound recycling practices, demonstrating social responsibility and environmental safety.