Why Us?

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eWaste ePlanet is more than just your typical recycling facility.

While many of our competitors blindly scrap the majority of the material that comes through their doors, we have a talented workforce with an extensive technical knowledge of a wide range of electronics.

This enables us to repair and refurbish components intelligently, increasing the functional life of electronics wherever possible.

Doing so, we are able to reduce our dependence on the energy-intensive processes that end-of-life electronics must go through for proper disposal.

Our Process

Chain of Custody

eWaste ePlanet has developed a secure, end-to-end monitoring and reporting system for the most transparent Chain of Custody possible.


We take security seriously and use industry-leading, DoD and NIST compliant techniques to transport your assets and destroy your data.

Reporting & Certificates

We offer downstream reporting, documenting a chain of custody from transfer of liability to Certificate of Recycle/Destruction.