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Our Security procedures meet the most rigorous industry standards.

Every organization, business, and collaborative effort is under tremendous pressure to protect private or classified information that may exist inside IT equipment. Federal regulations make the secure transfer and destruction of proprietary corporate assets/data and clientele assets/data absolutely critical.

This data needs to be properly removed from hard drives whenever disposal of surplus or end-of-life IT equipment takes place.

The unfortunate fact is that a single data security breach has the potential to put your organization at serious risk for lawsuits, fines, horrific publicity, and diminished corporate revenues – even imprisonment for the individuals involved.

It is absolutely critical that IT asset managers understand the issues involved and exercise due diligence in selecting outside vendors to participate in their organizations’ IT disposal process.

Look anywhere and you’ll see thousands of articles and guides preaching to you about how to prevent cybersecurity attacks. It seems we all know the importance of trying to keep intruders out of your IT infrastructure.

But what about the data safety risks when you retire your IT assets and they leave your organization?

Whether you’re moving to the cloud, virtualizing your IT infrastructure, or doing a routine refresh – every project will create surplus technology you will need to move out of your environment. And IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a critical part of your overall technology strategy.

At eWaste ePlanet, we use industry-leading, compliant techniques to transport your assets and destroy your data.